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Emily Severn is a 16 year old singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom. She started off as a gaming youtubers. Racking up 600 subscribers in just a couple of months. She created a new channel called glitteremilymusic solely dedicated to her music. She also has a souncloud where she has released a EP called "Memories Of Us". She has also revealed that there will be a new song in August 2017 called "If You Was To Leave". Her first ever song was called "drifter", which was released in 2016.  

she was born on 15th April. And is from Nottingham.  

She loves singing and before fame she started attending dance classes and Karate classes.

Her favourite singers are Olly Murs, Shawn Mendes and Niall Horan and her Favourite band is Five Seconds Of Summer. She also has a favourite actor who is Ted Reilly. She has been to see Olly Murs in concert twice now, 30/04/15 and 14/03/17.

She has four blue Peter badges. The blue one, the silver one, the Green one, and the purple one. And she even has Barney from Blue Peters autograph.  

She has one sister, one brother, a niece and two nephews. Her nephews also do youtube. They mostly focus on vlogging and gaming videos.  

Emily, also has experience in modelling. Her facourier TV programs are, the next step, wolfblood, Eastenders, So awkward and 4 Olly Clock Club.  

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